Our Work

We are now in Year 4 of this 5-year project. Here is what we have done thus far and what we are continuing to work on.


  • Providing technical assistance to 16 local public health agencies to implement inclusive chronic disease prevention plans
  • Awarding $7500 pilot grants to two county health departments for in-depth inclusion strategies and activities
  • Hosting events for public health and disability professionals to network
  • Training individuals with ID and family members in available public health resources and how to access them
  • Training public health professionals to advocate for inclusive community health policies


  • 122 professionals, 22 people with ID, and 3 family members attended trainings on Charting the LifeCourse tools, Universal Design strategies, and health needs of people with ID
  • 17 public health agencies used an inclusive planning tool to create chronic disease prevention plans in their communities
  • Partnered with the Color-Coded Chef to present accessible recipes and cooking instruction at 3 Charting the LifeCourse training events


  • Adapted three public health toolkits to be inclusive: Workplace Wellness, Stock Healthy Shop Healthy, and Livable Streets
  • Trained public health staff on the HealthMatters Exercise and Nutrition Curriculum for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Launched project website
  • Partnered with Missouri Council on Activity and Nutrition, Arc of St. Louis, and People First of Missouri to spread awareness and create new products


  • Established Advisory Committee
  • Conducted statewide needs assessment
  • Trained public health staff on Community Health Inclusion Index