Building Inclusive Communities


Based on a statewide Needs Assessment and feedback from the MODHC Advisory Workgroup, the MODHC identified the need for capacity building opportunities that foster increased availability of accessible health promotion resources in local communities.

Integral to the success of project initiatives, these capacity building opportunities are a priority to promote the long-term goal of better health outcomes for people with disabilities.

How It Works

MODHC is working with County Developmental Disability Service Boards to identify and implement capacity building opportunities including:

  • Providing training to local recreational service organizations or to local health department staff on accessible policies and practices.
  • In Year One of the project, county boards completed accessibility and inclusion assessments such as the Community Health Inclusion Index (CHII) assessments. The outcomes of these assessments will drive recommended strategies and eventual implementation to make preventative health and health promotion programs more accessible in these communities.


  • County Developmental Disability Service Boards in Washington, Boone, St. Charles, Camden, and Jackson Counties.


  • Assess your community for accessibility/inclusion of people with disabilities.
    • Community Health Inclusion Index (CHII): Three assessments are available:
      • On-Site: Assesses inclusiveness of a community facility for physical activity and nutrition
      • Organizational Assessment: Accessibility and inclusion of organization to promote physical activity and healthy nutrition
      • Macro-Community Assessment: Relates to transportation services and community policies, community design policies and programs and community wellness initiatives.